Team Ibhaan - Endowing innovative solutions

Encrypted code remains timeless. The ancient codes marking from a civilization history to secret information’s, were cryptically secured in vaults and codexes and cracked anon. As time fly’s by, it becomes pertinent to find novel solutions and endow new means for right to information.

With globalization, escalating costs, mounting competition and counterfeited information’s and products converting the current business environment into a slipshod situation, it becomes critical for the manufacturer to protect his brand against counterfeit goods and create a new revenue model, and for the consumer as an end-user to have the right to unadulterated products and services, with a new process.

IBHAAN, a company based in Bangalore, comes into the arena as an innovator with creative business applications, who provides the modern day cryptic information technology services with its out of the box thinking processes and expertise in integrated technology business engineering. IBHAAN’ strength lies in its nucleus team of professionals, businessmen and technopreneurs from various business domains.

IBHAAN’ state-of-the-art, time proven integrated technologies in the global market, are not only innovative but also creatively tailor made in cost-effective mode and becomes a value addition for domain specialists, industrialists and experienced professionals who manage their brands. With the key focus on tech business networking, IBHAAN’ collaborative business partnerships helps in rapid implementation of projects in association with partners drawn from various technology and manufacturing alliances.