One of the most effective ways to secure your documents & products involves the enhanced protection that we at Ibhaan specialize in – “a new generation of flawless & advanced encryption solutions” or Digiphycs which acts as an ideal digital cum physical authentication interface for credentials and merchandise.



The concept of securing products and documents has assumed greater significance since the advent of globalization, the phenomenal rise in multi-national brands & the mushrooming of small and medium enterprises worldwide. No business, either big or small, wants to deal with the nightmare of counterfeit documents or imitation goods. Even one such instance can ruin a company’s reputation or decimate an enterprise running on a smaller scale.

IBHAAN, based in Bangalore, operates in the arena of product and document authentication solutions. Intrinsically involved in providing state-of-the-art merchandise and credential security solutions across a host of industrial domains and service institutions, the company has embarked on a mission with a view to safeguard the interests of consumers & manufacturers of products, documents & commodities of all kinds, makes, brands and origin.

As a state-of-the-art “ all material ” authentication provider, Ibhaan’s integrated technologies are innovative and creatively tailor-made to the requirements of its manufacturing clientele. With a strong market presence in knowledge based economies worldwide , these time tested security solutions are user friendly, cost-effective and hence have become a value addition for domain specialists , industrialists and experienced professionals involved in brand building and product protection.

With a vision to perfect the art of providing product and document authentication solutions, Ibhaan possesses under its wings, a stellar team of experienced professionals, technopreneurs from across business domains, overseas collaborators such as Nanotag located in Australia, On Chip based in Taiwan, Olnica from France and 6DCP operating from the USA, all so that your documents and products is entrusted to the best protection standards available in the industry.