Automotive Identity Solutions


Overt & covert validations for automobiles and engineering machinery at all times.



Being the driving force behind various global economies, auto manufacturers have been compelled to face a herculean task pertaining to detection of imitation products in the form of assemblies and spare parts. A classic case in India and perhaps the world is the Vehicle License Plates. As the first line of Identification of a vehicle, the Number plates play a significant role as an OVERT identifier. However, as we are well aware, number plates are easy to alter or manipulate, thus leading to product identity crisis and questions the very evidence of indisputable ownership. ‘
We at IBHAAN have developed a new method known as MAVISys™ (patent applied) i.e. Multi Layer Vehicle Information System, comprising of RFID, Nanotags, Microdots, in association with our international partners and associates, that can eradicate this identity crisis. While the auto components are marked with Nano technology based markers, we design and develop composite applications for “In Field” detection of fake and counterfeit products during replacements and repairs. This is a unique proposition for consumer empowerment, the insurance fraternity and law enforcement agencies, as also for the lending arms of financial institutions.