We at IBHAAN extend a relatively new 360o approach of ownership establishment through integrated programs.

Under RPI™ it is our motto to protect consumers, the manufacturers and the exchequers by means of laterally developed solutions that cats as conclusive evidences in case of disputes. We realize that best of technologies that are developed, if not parameterized with conclusive ownership establishment, it will be a failed effort in BRAND value systems and protection thereof.

Our systems and processes are scalable with changes in technologies both in digital and physical worlds. This enables our R&D efforts and product designs in dynamic ways to ensure retention of clients and consumer interests.

We at IBHAAN realize that a comprehensive model is need of the hour to towards this end. We deploy various technologies such as Nanotags / Microdots, Customized Inks, RFID systems, Specialty substrates, Taggants, Security Additives.

Our solutions are not limited to the few products stated above, but extends to :

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