Document Security & Ticketing Solutions


On spot validation of documents, permits , tickets, coupons and paperwork of all types…



People from all walks of life, be it individuals, corporations, government agencies, industries etc., generate documents, secure or otherwise on a daily basis, regardless of paperless office concepts. Whilst authenticating of such documents remain questionable, we at IBHAAN think otherwise! Our DIGIPHYCS® based processes are designed to ensure fail-safe establishment of document origin and absolute ownership rights. Numerous processes do exist in this domain, but invariably none of them offer rapid solutions that act as conclusive evidence “on the spot”. Our programs are designed on a relatively new concept wherein the relationship entities are bound through an integrated methodology that determines the evidences from the “Very Inception” of document generation.The features provided by Ibhaan as its document security measure includes the following:

  • Specialized paper (non-tear able & water resistant) with security printing
  • Water markings
  • Application of Invisible inks & Anti-copying ink
  • Infusion of Special category texts
  • Prismatic Printing
  • Variable data printing
  • Offset / Foil / screen printing
  • QR codes with secure encryption
  • & more specially patented & designed authentication features