Legal & Compliance Authentication


Anytime, anywhere verification of legal and court papers , patents, copyrights & so on ..




Nothing in this world is void of duplicities and frauds. When confronted with fact finding investigation processes, the courts rely on evidences. For evidences to be conclusive, the investigators have to corroborate several sets of information leading to establishment of facts that are found admissible for judgments.
Legal recourse and court proceedings are cumbersome processes ,the investigations for which may not only be time consuming, but also generates piles of evidences on circumstantial basis. More importantly, there are innumerable cases where fake documents are presented, thus resulting in misrepresentation of facts, delay in proceedings and eventually denial of justice. IBHAAN’s fool-proof devices possess the capacity to establish “Conclusive Evidences” and thus enable the judiciary to overcome the hurdles faced by it with regard to rightful adjudications of lawsuits.