A versatile authenticator of credentials and merchandise


Specialty inks, Printing methodologies & Nano tag / Radiodot markers applied are virtually indestructible… & versatile security applications that are highly adaptable across domains such as FMCG, Automobiles, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Legal and so on … !



Our processes are custom-designed and client specific with totally dependable mechanisms that possess multiple levels of security validations. When applied or attached to any item or commodity, the overt and covert features of the secure authentication process or Digiphycs®, validates and endorses critical information and activates relevant cloud servers that are essential for the generation of conclusive evidence and consequently establishment of absolute ownership rights.

We also provide services at forensic levels through state-of-the-art track and trace mechanisms, with solutions that can empower law enforcement agencies and aid in counter-terrorism measures.

Ibhaan’s product & document identification services is a new means to multi-layered security markings produced in partnership with various research scientists,laboratories and multinational corporations involved in the field of “all material” security solutions.

Our authentication services are designed to meet the requirements across industries:

  • FMCG
  • Automotive
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Pharma
  • Document Security
  • Certificates & Ownership Credentials
  • Textiles & Fabrics