A remarkable ‘Make in India’ initiative, MAVISys is a unique proposition for makers and users of all types of vehicles. Its range of expertise facilitates the following processes:

  • A fool-proof “in field” authentication process for auto parts, components and assemblies
  • MAVISys™ is inclusive of Nanotags, Microdot technology
  • Activation process via Blue tooth & GPS (in process) 
  • Super-scribed Nano Tagging features for Chassis, Engine & other critical parts
  • Overt, covert and forensic level features
  • An ‘unparalleled’ track and trace mechanism for identification of stolen vehicles   
  • “On-spot” verification systems and endorsement of automobiles & spares via mobile apps
  • Instant alerts in case of change or manipulation of number plates
  • Remote control of pertinent vehicle information along with tamper proof facility
  • State-of-the-art Nano Tagging for HSRP detectable via non-electronic means
  • A potential  gateway link to Driving License Verification System, Registration Certification Process & with Insurance authorities subject to approvals from RTOs & Insurance companies


As a state-of-the-art digital and physical interface, Digiphycs is a high-tech gateway for product and document authentication services. Possessing flawless encryption & decryption features, it facilitates the following services across industrial verticals & service providing institutions:  

  • Anytime, anywhere instantaneous authentication of products and documents
  • Multi-layered security features that entail a fool-proof protection process for all material
  • Track & Trace mechanism enabled by the Doves processor that pave the way for detection of products & documents right to their very origin  
  • A fail-safe verification process for establishment of conclusive evidence for credentials and merchandise
  • Minimal work application & maximum value addition during production or supply chain processes or assembly line management
  • A user-friendly authentication process for consumers with “on-spot” as well as “after sales” tracing benefits
  • An effective brand endorser and product fortifier for the benefit of manufacturers
  • Overt and covert features that act as an efficient anti-counterfeit measure