state-of-the-art nano-tech based security designs which are unique, indelible and are impossible to replicate … & ingrained formulations that can be applied on any product, material, document and machineries operating at extreme temperature levels …


The company’s systems and processes are scalable & in line with rapidly changing technological environments both in the digital and physical worlds. Our R&D efforts and product designs function in dynamic ways to ensure continuity of established businesses and consumer interests. Whilst the advent of block chain technology has added a new dimension in processing of transactions, our authentication systems possesses the means to endorse and safeguard the multitude of transactions involved in such contemporary methodologies.

What’s more, Ibhaan’s patented Mavisys or multi-layered vehicle information system has been specifically designed to neutralize the counterfeit market that has been plaguing the automobile industry.

It is a proven fact that fake documents damage the reputation of well established institutions, just as how imitation products erode into the market share of branded products. We recognize that a comprehensive protection model in the form of Digiphycs, a digital & physical interface would be critical – not just across industries but also for providers of essential services.

To focus on this need gap, the company has deployed diverse leading edge Digiphycs based solutions which are activated through technologies such as Nanotags / Microdots, Customized Inks, RFID systems, Specialty Substrates, Taggants and Security Additives. Each of these unique technologies are enabled by a fool-proof assembly of detection devices, or DOVES™, that measures the variable security values, and leads to establishment of absolute ownership of credentials as well as the indisputable origin of merchandise.