Our Solutions

Age old security of information through cryptex and codex’s measures, little did the present day world think that a new age solution would be born from the innovative minds at IBHAAN.

The IBHAAN identification solutions and processes are a new way to multi layer dynamically variable security provisions produced in partnership with various multinational and national corporate, which authenticates and validates information for several segments, most importantly for the authentication of documents, products, fight against counterfeiting and many more, which otherwise requires validation from issuing authorities.

The IBHAAN processes are custom designed and client specific with an in-build infallible mechanism with multiple levels of security validation.

Covert, Overt data, Chemical Markers/inks, Micro/Nano Chips and Several Tamper Evidence methods, serialization processes are deployed using composite structuring. Produced in the form of mundane labels, seals, markings, weaving, stamping, embossing, imprinting, the processes are endless and unique to owners and ownership.

>In real time, the Secure Authentication Process validates and authenticates various critical information, essential to detect Fakes and Look Alike and Counterfeit products and commodities on spot, on / off line such as: