Textiles & Fabrics Brand Recognition


On the spot customer interface and authentication for branded jeans , shirts, trousers, suits , sarees…& lots more…



Brand labels have immense value proposition to the consumers. It is not only the styles but a signature of consumer confidence in the manufacturer’s brand image. However the growing demand for such branded clothing and the ever changing fashion industry provides an opportunity for the generation of fake and look alike products in retail markets. Counterfeiters capitalize on these shortcomings by making inroads into retail markets and effectively capture them using global and domestic brand images of big business houses.

Being consumers first, we at IBHAAN have developed tailor made designs and processes that make provision for “Detection of BRAND Ownerships” on the go. Most importantly, our extensive custom designed analytical tool helps brand owners to track and trace their products, not only throughout the supply chain but also during the course of consumer interface by way of “On Spot” identification.
In the present day scenario it is not just a question of LABELS anymore. It is the dynamically variable “manufacturer to consumer information source” linked with related product range that provides referential integrity to brand values.